HSE Austin students showcased their science fair projects the last Wednesday at HPS Austin Science Fair. Congratulations to all of our students and their teachers for this success. Special Thanks to Ms.Rossi for helping students to succeed in this competition.

  • 5th Place in Earth & Space: Andre Ornelas, Fernando Segura, and Gary Trinh (7th grade)
  • 5th Place in Engineering & the Winner of the Director of Academics Special Award: Josiah Nguyen (8th grade)
  • 4th Place in Social & Behavioral Sciences: Asmaa Chkarka and Kaelyn Ruiz (7th grade)
  • 3rd Place in Life Sciences: Anahi Avila (8th grade)

All the students worked really hard last semester and many came in for tutoring every Thursday after school to work on their projects. Our next Science Fair will be February 21st! Go Tigers and good luck!