The supply list is the same for all middle school. We will have copies at school starting on the 31st of July:

Harmony School of Excellence- Austin
Middle School School Supply List

Supplies for General Use
These items will be used by your child and his / her classmates throughout the school year. They will be collected at student orientation and distributed to middle school classrooms.

4 dry erase markers
2 packs of white computer paper
2 boxes of kleenex / tissues
4 pack of post it notes
Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

Supplies for Personal Use
These supplies will remain with your child. Students will be responsible for bringing these items to class on the first day of school and every day thereafter.

Pencil Bag which contains the following items:
* Sharpened pencils
* Scissors
* Glue stick
* Hand held pencil sharpener
* Markers / Colored pencils

Zip Binder which contains the following items:
* Lined paper
* 8 binder dividers to organize notes / handouts for each class
* 1 homework folder with pockets (Homework for all subjects is to be placed in
this folder. Parents, please check this daily.)
* A planner to record and track homework assignments. (Parents, please check
this daily.)

6 Composition Books (These may be stored in your child’s classroom.)

A book / novel that interests your child. (This book / novel will also be read at home for 30 minutes each night.)