Dear Students, Parents, and Caregivers,

Harmony Public Schools Logo

Welcome to Harmony School of Excellence - Austin. We are a tuition free, college preparatory school located in South Austin. HSE proudly serves 6th -12th grade students from the Austin, Del Valle, Kyle, and Buda area. We are very excited about the educational and social growth experiences that we offer to our students.

Harmony School of Excellence - Austin provides 21st century learning experiences which prepares our students for the future. We are STEM accredited academy which has a focus in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Additionally, we partner with Austin Community College to provide students the opportunity to earn college and high school credits with little to no cost to our students and their families and graduate with the Associate of Arts degree.

We recognize that all students are unique individuals who have different academic needs. Therefore, we provide daily small group intervention, after school tutorials, Saturday School, and accelerated classes. We offer Gifted and Talented courses, English Language Learner supported instruction, inclusion, PASS, and Special Education services.

Our families can also digitally access programs which support our students’ learning. Harmony Public Schools uses Skyward, a digital database which allows parents to check the student’s grades at any point in time. Students may also use our academic software programs (ALEKS, MyOn, and NoRedInk) to practice Math, Reading, and Language Arts at home.

Though we are proud of these academic opportunities, we know that our mission does not start and end there. We believe that it is also our duty to guide our students, so that they become positive and productive citizens. We teach our children about respect, integrity, and responsibility. Our students learn about teamwork and discipline when they participate in our clubs and sports programs: Student Government, CRLP, Peer to Peer, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Cheer, Theater, Chess, Yoga, and much, much more.

It is an honor to work with our parents and students. We thank you for your support and investment in our children’s education. We also look forward to continuing to build our partnership between home, school, and the community in the future.

Core Values

  • High Expectations
    Every student will learn and grow into a successful and productive citizen.
  • Dedicated Staff
    We do whatever it takes to help our students reach their goals.
  • Working Together
    Our students, parents, and staff work in harmony to create a strong community of success.
  • Character Matters
    We guide our students to value integrity, show respect, and be responsible.
  • STEM for All
    Every student will graduate with a strong understanding and appreciation of STEM and how it connects to the real world.

We can’t wait to celebrate our collective successes during the 2019 - 20 school year, and beyond!


Harmony School of Excellence - Austin Administration