Dear HSE Tigers,

We want to share fantastic IBC news from HSE four high school students have earned IBC certification. The students had successfully completed the program requirements to be recognized as Microsoft Associate for Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS(3 students) & Autodesk Certified User: Inventor® (4 students).

We want to give tremendous thanks to Mr. Gandara and Mr. Miranda Solis for their hard work and support in the first year of IBC Certification implementation at HSE.

The students will continue to take the exam, and looking forward to hearing and sharing the excellent news with you.

What is IBC (Industry-Based Certificate) and how does it impact students’ future success?

Industry-based certifications represent skills and learning that open doors and act as a springboard for higher levels of achievement to ensure students’ independence and success in life beyond high school. Successful passing of Industry-based Certification exams contributes to success in preparing students for valuable careers, whether through entering the workforce directly or persisting through higher education institutions. This is also aligned with our goal of preparing students for success in postsecondary endeavors, whether they are succeeding directly in the workplace or pursuing higher educational opportunities. IBCs enable students to start their careers in their desired profession as soon as they graduate from high school.