Dear Parents,

At Harmony, we are a family and we want to empower our Harmony alumni who are working hard to reach their college and career dreams.


The Harmony College Fund (HCF) was founded to support college-bound Harmony alumni through scholarships, mentoring, internships and other support services. Roughly two-thirds of our students come from economically disadvantaged homes or neighborhoods, and without these funds, many of our HCF recipients would not be financially able to complete their college and career success journeys.


During the first Harmony Day of Giving in 2017, our generous donors helped Harmony raise $40,000, which was dispersed to 44 college students attending universities across Texas.

And remember that one day, your child will also benefit from many meaningful services and opportunities provided. Your donations can be made online at on November 27th or you can write a donation check payable to “Harmony Public Schools – Harmony College Fund”. You can leave it at your child’s campus to district college and career coordinator attention or mailed to HPS central office to the attention of Berkan Kaya at College and Career Success Office.

All your contributions are tax-deductible. HPS Tax ID # is 76-0615245

For online Early Gift, please visit click donate now button!


Berkan Kaya
Director of College and Career Success
Harmony Public Schools
HPS Central Office Address: 9321 West Sam Houston Pkwy South, Houston, TX 77099
Phone: 713-343-3333 Ext: 2064 |