Message from College Counselor:


I am Serdar Ozguven, College Counselor, and Engagement Support Coordinator at HSE Austin. I want to share our first counselor newsletter of the year. You will find essential information, announcements, and updates on this issue. I will publish it biweekly on Fridays and keep you posted on critical timelines.

I have a unique passion and enthusiasm for teaching, counseling, and coordinating in HSE, and it is my honor to serve this community as a college counselor. This is my 16th year in education and 11th year in HPS System. I will work very hard to ensure to give the best college-going experience for our students, parents, and community. Please see the contact information below. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns. I hope to have a great, successful school year for 2019-2020, and look forward to working with all of you.

Please click on the link below for the newsletter!

College Counselor Newsletter

Serdar Ozguven

512-693-0000 Ext. 124