Dear Parent(s):

STAAR testing time has come. In April, 7th and 8th-grade students will take the STAAR tests. Students who need English 1 and English 2 will take the STAAR EOC tests We are confident that our students are ready. Students and teachers alike have been working rigorously since the beginning of the school year to master the skills needed to be successful on the STAAR tests.

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™) is a state-mandated test that measures the statewide curriculum in reading at Grades 3-8; in writing at Grades 4 and 7; in mathematics at Grades 3-8; in science at Grades 5, 8; and social studies at Grades 8. Furthermore, STAAR End of Course (EOC) tests are administered to students enrolled in the following High school classes: Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, and U.S. history. All students enrolled in those courses are REQUIRED to participate in this testing.

Satisfactory performance on STAAR tests is a prerequisite to grade promotion in grades 3-8 and satisfactory performance on the STAAR EOC tests is prerequisite to a high school diploma.

The tests that will be administered in April 2018 are on the following dates.


April tests:





No Testing





No Testing

English I

No Testing

English II

Grade 6

No Testing

No Testing

No Testing

No Testing

Grade 7

No Testing


No Testing

No Testing

Grade 8

No Testing



No Testing


Several things you can do to help ensure a successful testing experience is that your student arrives on time, fully rested and prepared to test. It is also important to make sure your child eats a good dinner the night before, if not a good breakfast the morning of testing. Similarly, encouraging your student to do his or her personal best can greatly improve self-confidence levels leading to better performance.

You will also find two documents regarding HSE procedures for cellular telephones/electronic devices and honor statements (High School test only). Please go over these two documents with your student to communicate their importance and why these measures are being implemented.

Thank you for all you do to help your student be as successful as possible, and for all of your contributions to Harmony School of Excellence-Austin.

I will be more than happy to assist if you have any questions.


Re: Administración de los exámenes de STAAR de abril.

Estimados padres de familia:

El tiempo para presentar los exámenes de STAAR ha llegado. Durante de semana de 9-13 de abril, los estudiantes de los grados  7mo y 8vo tomarán estos exámenes (STAAR). Estudiantes que necesitan Inglés I y Inglés II tomaran exámenes (STAAR EOC). Estamos seguros que todos nuestros estudiantes están listos. Los estudiantes, al igual que los maestros, han estado trabajando rigurosamente desde el principio del año escolar para dominar las habilidades necesarias para pasar exitosamente estos exámenes.

STAAR (The State Assessments of Academic Readiness por sus siglas en inglés) es un examen mandatorio. El examen de STAAR sirve para medir el plan de estudios en lectura para los grados del 3 al 8; en escritura a los grados de 4 y 7; en matemáticas a los grados del 3 al 8; en ciencias a los grados 5 y 8; y ciencias sociales en el grado 8. Además los exámenes de STAAR EOC serán administrados a los estudiantes que están inscritos en las siguientes clases de secundaria: Algebra I, Biología, Inglés I, Inglés II e Historia de los Estados Unidos de América. Todos los estudiantes inscritos en esos cursos están obligatorios a participar en esta prueba.

Rendimiento Satisfactorio en el examen de STAAR es un requisito previo para avanzar al siguiente grado escolar del 3 al 8. Rendimiento Satisfactorio en el examen STAAR EOC es un requisito previo para obtener su diploma de la escuela secundaria.

Los exámenes que serán administrados de abril del 2019 son los siguientes:

Exámenes de abril:





no hay un exámen

10 de abril

11 de abril

12 de abril

Exámenes de EOC

no hay un exámen

Inglés I

no hay un exámen

Inglés II

6to. Grado

no hay un exámen

no hay un exámen

no hay un exámen

no hay un exámen

7to. Grado

no hay un exámen


no hay un exámen

no hay un exámen

8to. Grado

no hay un exámen



no hay un exámen

Varias cosas pueden hacer para ayudar a los estudiantes a tener una experiencia exitosa durante sus exámenes, como: llegar a tiempo, descansar lo suficiente y prepararse muy bien para el examen. Es muy importante que el estudiante tenga una cena nutritiva la noche anterior y un desayuno nutritivo la mañana del examen. Igualmente estimule al estudiante a hacer lo mejor posible para así ayudarle a subir su autoestima y así tendrá un mejor rendimiento durante el examen.

También encontrará dos documentos de las reglas de HSE sobre el uso de teléfonos celulares y aparatos electrónicos y sobre la declaración de honor (exámenes de la escuela secundaria solamente). Favor de revisar estos importantes documentos con el estudiante y explicarle la importancia de estos y por qué se deben de seguir estas reglas.

Muchas gracias por su ayuda para que los estudiantes sean exitosos y por todas sus contribuciones hacia Harmony School of Excellence-Austin.

Estaré a su disposición para cualquier pregunta que ustedes tengan.

Agil Sharifov, Director de la Escuela

We are planning to have an international trip during spring break 2020 for our 8-12 grade students. In order to decide the destination of the trip, please help us to take the survey below. The survey will be closed by April 15th.

“Once in a lifetime opportunity, get to know other cultures, have fun activities, lifelong experience.”

Please Contact Mr. Ozguven for more information.



We are going to have our STEAM Festival on April 17th-18th.

Mark your calendar!

April 26th. Please join us and support HSE-Austin and the PTO during this year’s Spring Carnival.

We are looking for volunteers, donations, and support. Please click links below to help out:

Parent Donation

Volunteer Now!


I am very excited to let you know that we are going to have Summer Leadership STEM Camps for our 8-11 grade students at UT Dallas. UT Dallas and HPS staff will run the programs. The programs are five days and four nights. The cost of the program is $400 for per student — the fee covers, meals, housing, courses, activities, and transportation.
The application is open now. Only a limited number of students will be accepted, and participants will be selected on a first come, first-serve basis. Academic and disciplinary success is required. Please see the information below.
Summer Leadership STEM Camp at UT Dallas (8-12 Grades)
• For Girls: May 23-27, 2019
• For Boys: May 27-31, 2019
Camp Activities Include:
STEM Courses: 3D Animations using Alice, Introductory Game Maker, Mobile Apps using MIT App Inventor, Games in Python, Hands-on Robotics and more!
Leadership Talks,
College Information Sessions
Recreation: Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Foosball, Squash, etc.
Day-long Six Flags Trip.

Application Deadline: 5/2/2019
Full Payment ($400) Deadline: 5/15/2019

Total Cost: $400

(The fee covers, meals, housing, courses, activity fees including six flags and transportation.)

$100 Non-refundable Deposit will be taken with the application form.
For further question or information, please contact the Campus Engagement & Support Coordinator.
512 693 0000 Ext. 131


Please join us to congratulate HSE Parent of the Year Award Winner Mr. Marco Versalles who has done a notable impact and contribution to HSE students, parents, and staff.

Mr. Versalles currently serves as the HSE-Austin PTO’s VP of Fundraising. His commitment and dedication have been vital key to the ongoing success and ability for the PTO to meet its goal and mission to enhance and support the educational experience at Harmony School of Excellence – Austin, “to grow a friendlier relationship between institution and home by supporting parent engagement, and to enhance the climate at Harmony School of Excellence – Austin through volunteer and financial support.”

Mr. Versalles professionally serves HSE-Austin and PTO when engaging parents and staff. He has a gracious attitude and an excellent work ethic. He has been volunteered 189 hours this year and over 400 hours in the 2017-19 year. As an example, students have been able to raise funds for the National Honor Society and help fund its toy donation for our families in need. This has been possible because Mr. Versalles continues to identify opportunities and volunteer his time. Here are some of the other events that Mr. Versalles served as an organizer and volunteer: UT Austin Fundraising events, after-school snack sales, NHS Breakfast fundraiser, staff breakfasts, appreciation events, etc.

Mr. Marco Versalles is a positive part of the HSE-Austin community and deserving of this award.

HSE PTO Board and HSE Administration

We're Hiring

Harmony Public Schools has several upcoming Job Fairs in many locations across Texas.

To find the list of upcoming fairs near you, point your browser to and check if your region/metro area has a fair coming up.

Life’s short. Do work that matters!

Don’t forget to spring forward an hour at 2:00AM this Sunday.

When you change your clock ⏰, it’s a great idea to change the batteries 🔋 in your smoke alarms!

We want your Feedback. We invite you to take our website survey to find out if our new website is meeting your needs.

You asked! We changed!

You’re invited to take our website survey to find out if the new website is meeting your needs.

During the last few months, we’ve been working to revamp our campus websites based on the feedback we received from focus groups, and online user surveys. Your feedback was critical because it helped us understand why people visit our websites and what they are trying to achieve once they get there.

It’s easy to take part in the survey and should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete!

We take your feedback very seriously, and want to provide parents with a valuable resource. If one of your favorite features from the old site is missing: let us know… (Gently – remember the Golden Rule!)

Click on this link to take the survey immediately.

Digital Ecosystem Team

Nominations Now Open!

Nomination Deadline: March 1, 2019

Nomination Criteria:

• Nominees can self-nominate and/or be nominated by a teacher or staff, administrator,

student, parent, or community partner.

• Must be an approved volunteer through VOLY for HPS; showing completion of orientation

and background check.

Application Submission:

The nomination application must be submitted along with the documents listed on the

checklist in order for the application to be considered.

Submit applications to the campus engagement coordinator or front office.

Click Here to Nominate

Campus Improvement Plan Meeting 2019-20 will be place on March 13th from 3:45pm to 6:30 pm

If you can attend, please contact the office before March 11, 2019 at (512) 693-0000, or you can send an email to


Review 2018-19 CIP and develop 2019-2020 CIP


I. Purpose of CIP

II. Review HSE-Austin Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

III. Review of Data

IV. Areas for Improvement and Priorty of Needs

V. Review previous year’s CIP

VI. Revise and Develop Goals, Objectives, and Strategies for the new CIP

VII. Comments, Q&A


Están cordialmente invitados a asistir a la

Reunión del Plan de Mejora del Campus(CIP)

Si puede asistir, por favor comuníquese con la oficina antes del 11 de marzo de 2019 al (512)693-0000, o puede enviar un correo electrónico a


Revisar el CIP 2018-19 y desarrollar el CIP 2019-2020


I. Propósito de la CIP

II. Revisar la evaluación integral de necesidades de HSE-Austin (CNA)

III. Revisión de datos

IV. Áreas de mejora y prioridad de necesidades

V. Revisar el CIP del año anterior.

VI. Revisar y desarrollar metas, objetivos y estrategias para el nuevo CIP

VII. Comentarios, preguntas y respuestas

Registration for all campuses will begin on Monday, February 25th.

Application Lottery Status



This means that your child is offered a seat from the campus.
Starting on Monday, February 25th, you will have 2 business days to accept the placement at a campus.

Accept Placement:

If you accept placement at our campus, you will forfeit placement at all other campuses. You will have 10
business days to complete the registration process which includes: filling out the registration forms and submitting all required
documentation such as proof of residence, transcripts, discipline records, immunizations, and student identification.

Decline Placement:

If you decline placement, you will be removed from that Harmony campus lottery list only.

Wait List:

This means that your child is placed on the wait list for the campus. As students accept/decline spots on the offered
list, your child will move up. If your child moves up to the offered list, the system will send you a message through Smart Choice.


For full printed registration instructions, please click here

For a video walkthrough, please click here.


DistrictLocation of LotteryLottery DateLottery Time
Austin and Pflugerville Campuses
Austin District Office
13425 Ranch Road 620 N Austin, TX 78717
El Paso
El Paso, Lubbock,
and Odessa Campuses
HSA – El Paso Auditorium
9405 Betel Dr. El Paso, TX 79907
Houston North
Houston and Bryan Campuses
Harmony School of Excellence
7340 N. Gessner Dr. Houston, TX 77040
Houston South
Houston Campuses
Harmony Public Schools Central Office
9321 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S. Houston, TX 77099
Houston West
Houston and Beaumont Campuses
Harmony Public Schools Central Office
9321 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S. Houston, TX 77099
San Antonio
San Antonio, Brownsville,
and Laredo Campuses
Harmony School of Excellence – San Antonio
2015 SW Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78227
2/19/20191:15 PM
Waco Campuses
Harmony School of Innovation – Waco
1110 S. Valley Mills Dr. Beverly Hills, TX 76711
Fort Worth Campuses
Harmony School of Innovation – Fort Worth
8100 S. Hulen St. Fort Worth, TX 76123
Nature, Euless, and
Grand Prairie Campuses
Harmony School of Innovation – Grand Prairie
1441 Fish Creek Rd Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Dallas, Plano, Carrollton,
Business, and Garland Campuses
Harmony School of Business
8080 W President George Bush Hwy Dallas, TX 75252

Nominations Now Open!

Nomination Deadline: March 1, 2019

Nomination Criteria:

• Nominees can self-nominate and/or be nominated by a teacher or staff, administrator,

student, parent, or community partner.

• Must be an approved volunteer through VOLY for HPS; showing completion of orientation

and background check.

Application Submission:

The nomination application must be submitted along with the documents listed on the

checklist in order for the application to be considered.

Submit applications to the campus engagement coordinator or front office.

Click Here to Nominate

Dear all,

To reduce the number of absent school days, please ensure your children’s immunizations are up to date including flu shots. The health of our children is important for a good and productive academic performance. Let’s help them by keeping them safe.

HSE offers free tutorials on Saturdays from 8:30 am- 12:00 pm. These sessions provide support to students who did not demonstrate content mastery on last year’s STAAR exams. If your child receives a Saturday School Tutorial Notice in the mail, he/she did not pass last year’s STAAR exam(s), and he/she is strongly encouraged to attend these sessions. If your child receives a notice and there is a weekend when he/she cannot attend, please provide a written excuse to Ms. Gorman by the following Monday.

Thank you for your investment in your child’s education. Please contact Ashley Gorman at with any questions or concerns.

Saturday School Dates:

February: 2, 9, 23

March: 2, 30

April: 6, 13, 18

May: 4, 11, 18

Time: Arrive through the gym at 8:15

Sessions 8:30-12:00

Pick Up in dismissal area 12:00- 12:05

The Drama Club attended the musical, Waitress, at the Bass Concert Hall on the UT campus. Not only did the students watch an amazing Broadway show, but they also had the opportunity to meet some of the actors and technical support for the play. Ms. Francis and Ms. Thompson were the chaperones. A wonderful time was had by all.

HSE Austin students showcased their science fair projects the last Wednesday at HPS Austin Science Fair. Congratulations to all of our students and their teachers for this success. Special Thanks to Ms.Rossi for helping students to succeed in this competition.

  • 5th Place in Earth & Space: Andre Ornelas, Fernando Segura, and Gary Trinh (7th grade)
  • 5th Place in Engineering & the Winner of the Director of Academics Special Award: Josiah Nguyen (8th grade)
  • 4th Place in Social & Behavioral Sciences: Asmaa Chkarka and Kaelyn Ruiz (7th grade)
  • 3rd Place in Life Sciences: Anahi Avila (8th grade)

All the students worked really hard last semester and many came in for tutoring every Thursday after school to work on their projects. Our next Science Fair will be February 21st! Go Tigers and good luck!

Make sure your voice is heard: text "HARMONYPROUD" TO 55222 to volunteer and learn more!


The 2019 Legislative session is underway and public education reform is among the top priorities! Make sure your voice is heard by becoming a Harmony Parent Advocate. Text “HARMONYPROUD” to 55222 to volunteer or learn more.

¡La sesión legislativa de 2019 está en marcha y la reforma de la educación pública está entre las principales prioridades! Asegúrese de que su voz sea escuchada al convertirse en un defensor de padres de Harmony. Envíe “SOYHARMONY” al 55222 para ofrecerse como voluntario u obtener más información.

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Location: Harmony Science Academy – Pflugerville 1421 Wells Branch Pkwy #200, Pflugerville, TX 78660
Time: 12:00-3:00pm

Join us Wednesday, January 23rd for our most anticipated annual Harmony Public Schools Austin District Science Fair! HPS Austin middle and high school students will present their science investigations to a panel of judges from 1:00 – 3:00PM. The public is welcomed to view the student’s projects after that time. At 4:30PM the Awards Ceremony will begin to announce the category winners that will then advance to the city-wide science fair.

Are you interested in volunteering as a judge? We welcome you! Please sign-up here! 

Schedule below:
12:00 -12:30 Lunch *
12:30 -1:00 Judging Procedures
1:00 – 3:00 Project Judging

*Judges will need to arrive by 12pm to review judging procedures. Lunch will be provided.

Judges are free to leave after all project judging has been completed. We invite our judges to join us for the remainder of the program and Award Ceremony.
3:00 – 4:30 Public Display
4:30 – 5:15 Awards Ceremony
5:15 – 5:30 Project Pick Up

You’re invited to take our website survey to find out if our website is meeting your needs. At Harmony, we want to be “in touch” with our community, so opening a feedback mechanism is a great way for you to participate in making decisions about the future of our work.

In this case, we need your valuable opinions on the design and overall usability of the site for our upcoming redesign.

It’s easy to take part in the survey and should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete!

All we ask is that you be open and honest and give us your feelings on the website.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer, communications specialist, or even a web-developer to give feedback, all we want is your opinion as a website user – this will help us improve our communications and give us a chance to hear your ideas too!

Click on the link below to take the survey immediately.

Digital Ecosystem Team

Website Survey

Harmony Gifted & Talented Education


In accordance with the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented students, Harmony Public Schools will begin taking referrals for all interested students in grades K-12 for gifted and talented screening.

Anyone interested in the educational welfare of these students may nominate them for assessment. Students in grades 2 & up who were tested in the Fall 2018 are not eligible to test in Spring 2019. Referral forms are available at the front office and on the school’s web site.

Referral Form (English)
Referral Form (Spanish)

The referral forms must be returned to the front office by Friday, February 8, 2019.

The 2019 Spring GT testing window is February 11, 2019 – March 29, 2019.

For more information about the screening and identification process, parents may contact the school’s GT Coach/teacher.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Re-enrollment for all students is Monday, January 7th through Friday, January 25th. If your child is currently enrolled an HPS campus and you would like for him/her to attend for the 2019-2020 academic year, please ensure that you complete the re-enrollment form by the January 25th deadline.

To re-enroll your student, please see the steps below.

  1. Login to Skyward using your family portal account
  2. Fill out and submit the re-enrollment form
  3. Provide proof of residency (utility bill, tax form, etc.) by uploading to the form or submitting to your campus registrar

If your child is not currently enrolled at an HPS campus and you would like for them to enroll, please see the link below to fill out an application for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Application Link for 2019-2020:

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your campus registrar.

Dear Parent/Guardian,HSE Austin and our community partners are launching a Parent Academy of 2019 The Academy will offer you
and your family access to many exciting opportunities. Your thoughts and ideas are important to us. The following short survey will take no more than 3 minutes of your time. For any question, please contact at

Take the Survey Now!

Program highlights

  • First-come, first-served basis, ONLY 25 seats available
  • Only rising 9-12 grade (14-17 years old) boys and girls
  • Application form and $600 deposit must be made no later than February 1, 2019
  • Trip cost $3400 includes airfare, accommodation, transportation, 3 meals per day, guided tours, park & museum fees.
  • The payment plan is available. Last payment must be paid by June 1, 2019
  • Departure/Arrival cities are Houston & Madrid
  • 16-22 June 2019: Real Madrid Campus Experience
  • 22-25 June 2019: Madrid and Toledo Trip, Warner Bros Madrid, etc.


For questions or more details please contact Campus Engagement & Support Coordinator.


Monday, December 17th:

Mitten Monday: wear scarves, gloves, hats, and socks with uniform ***Face must not be covered; accessories should not depict any inappropriate image or theme, uniform shirt and pants must be worn

Tuesday, December 18th:

Timber Tuesday: wear a flannel shirt or vest over a uniform *** Uniform shirt and pants must be worn

Wednesday, December 19th: Winter White wonderland Wednesday (Free Dress day)- Wear your white, silver, or Icy Blue sweaters or shirts ***Wear your best winter inspired sweaters. No ripped jeans, hoodies, low cut shirts, or shirts that show midriff. Dresses must be knee length. Sweaters and pants must follow free dress day as stated in the Student Handbook. No inappropriate images or themes. No slides or sandals.

Thursday, December 20th: Tacky Sweater

Thursday-wear your favorite tacky winter sweater (Free Dress day) ***Wear your favorite “ugly” winter sweaters. No inappropriate images or themes. No ripped jeans, hoodies, low cut shirts, or shirts that show midriff. Sweaters and pants must follow free dress day as stated in the Student Handbook. No slides or sandals.

Friday, December 21st: Pajama day (Free Dress day) ***Wear your favorite pajamas. No see-through tops or bottoms, thin straps or hoodies. Pajamas should not be low cut or show midriff. Clothes should be worn under onesies Pajamas must follow free dress day that is stated in the student handbook. No slippers