June 2018 STAAR Announcement

Dear Parents:

Preliminary STAAR End of Course and STAAR Middle School test results have arrived. If your child did not meet the required Satisfactory standard on highlighted End of Course Exam(s) or STAAR Middle School exams during the March and/or May Test Administration they will need to be present for the June retest.

Please contact Ms. Haraway at 512-710-7611 or, if you have questions about your child’s test scores.  Letters were sent home addresses for students who need to retest.

Drop-off and Pick-Up at HSE-Austin Front Lobby:

Students may bring snacks and a lunch.

Please mark your calendars now to ensure that your child is present for the June retest date(s).  Please note the STAAR End of Course and STAAR Middle School June 2018 Testing Schedule:

STAAR End of Course June Retest 2018
Monday June 25, 2018

Students Arrive: 7:30am

Exam Starts: 8:00am

Exam Ends: 1:00pm

English I

US History

6th – 8th Grade MAP Testing

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Students Arrive: 8:00am

Exam Starts: 8:30am

Exam Ends: 12:30pm

Algebra 1 and Biology

8th Grade Math

6th and 7th Grade MAP Testing

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Students Arrive: 7:30am

Exam Starts: 8:00am

Exam Ends: 1:00pm

English II

8th Grade Reading

6th and 7th Grade MAP Testing

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Students Arrive: 8:00am

Exam Starts: 8:30am

Exam Ends: 12:30pm

Biology Round 2 and Make-Up Day
Friday, June 29, 2018

Students Arrive: 8:00am

Exam Starts: 8:30am

Exam Ends: 12:30pm

US History Round 2 and

STAAR Make-up Day

(If student was absent)


Please email or call to confirm your child’s attendance.

Estimados padres,

Han llegado los resultados preliminares del examen STAAR de fin de curso y de la escuela secundaria STAAR. Si su hijo no cumplió con el estándar Satisfactorio requerido en los exámenes de fin de curso destacados durante la Administración de exámenes de marzo y / o mayo, deberá estar presente para la segunda prueba de junio.


Por favor, envíe un correo electrónico o llame para confirmar que su hijo estará en la escuela para el examen.


Favor de comunicarse con Sra. Haraway (  or 512-693-0000 (Oficina)


Deje y recoja en el oficina de HSE-Austin:
Los estudiantes pueden traer los bocadillos y un almuerzo.


Favor de asegurarse que su hijo o hija se encuentre presente para retomar el examen:

STAAR End of Course June Retest 2018
lunes, junio 25, 2018

Los estudiantes llegan: 7:30 am
Comienza el examen: 8:00 am
El examen termina: 1:00 pm

Inglés 1

Historia de Estados Unidos

6to, 7mo, 8vo Grade MAP Examen

martes, junio 26, 2018

Los estudiantes llegan: 8:00 am
Comienza el examen: 8:30 am
El examen termina: 12:30 pm

Álgebra I y Biología

STAAR de Matemáticas 8avo Grado.

6to y 7mo grado MAP Examen

miercoles, junio 27, 2018

Los estudiantes llegan: 7:30 am
Comienza el examen: 8:00 am
El examen termina: 1:00 pm

Inglés 2

STAAR de Lectura 8vo Grado

6to y 7mo grado Grade MAP Examen

jueves, junio 28, 2018

Los estudiantes llegan: 8:00 am
Comienza el examen: 8:30 am
El examen termina: 12:30 pm

Biología Ronda 2 y

Día de examen para los estudiantes ausentes

viernes, junio 29, 2018

Los estudiantes llegan: 8:00 am
Comienza el examen: 8:30 am
El examen termina: 12:30 pm

Historia de Estados Unidos Ronda 2 y

Día de examen para los estudiantes ausentes

HPS Austin District 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Click here to download HPS Austin District 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

US News Best High School rankings 2018

US News reported Best High School rankings for 2018. We are pleased to announce that HSE-Austin has received GOLD Medal and has ranked 62nd best high school within Texas and # 374 Nationwide and got the highest ranking high schools in the HPS Austin district.

Congratulations to all of our team members, this would not be possible without the efforts of our dedicated teachers, staff, and administrators.

Our staff goes above, our students go beyond!


Healthy Summer Meals for Kids

Healthy Summer Meals for Kids

When the School Year Ends, Summer Meals begin!

Our children need nutritious meals to learn, grow and thrive — even when school is out.

With the Summer Food Service Program, children and teens ages 18 and younger can continue to eat healthy throughout the summer at no cost, just by showing up at a participating meal site.


  1. Call 211, or
  2. Text* FOODTX to 877-877, or
  3. Visit

No form of identification is required, kids simply show up.

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

* You will only be sent information needed to find meals sites. Your personal information will not be shared.

This product was funded by USDA. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.



Nuestros niños necesitan comida nutritiva para aprender, crecer y prosperar — incluso cuando no hay escuela. Bajo el Programa de Servicios de Alimentos para Niños durante el Verano, los niños de 18 años de edad o menores pueden seguir comiendo comida saludable durante todo el verano, sin costo. Solo tienen que ir a un sitio de comida que participe en el programa.


  1. Llame al 211, o
  2. Envíe un mensaje de texto* FOODTX al 877–877, o
  3. Visite

Los niños solo tienen que ir al sitio. No se requiere ningún tipo de identificación.

El Programa de Servicio de Alimentos para Niños durante el Verano está administrado por el Texas Department of Agriculture.

*Solo se le enviará la información que necesitará para encontrar los sitios de comer. Sus datos personales no serán compartidos.

Este producto fue financiado por USDA. Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.

Greece Trip 2019 Application is Open Now!

We are going to have an international trip to Greece during Spring Break  2019 for 8-12 grade students.

Tentative Dates: March 15 ~ 23, 2019

Requirements and timelines:

The traveler must fill and sign

  • Registration,
  • Terms and conditions,
  • Participant release and agreement,
  • Medical treatment authorization
  • Travel insurance waiver and other required forms.


Early bird discount $100 until June 1st, 2018

Application Deadline (with $300 Deposit)  : 08/31/2018

Ticketing Deadline (with $1250)                   : 09/05/2018

Full Payment deadline (with  $2849)           : 01/10/2019


  • All Airfare and Transportation
  • Full-Time Tour Director,
  • Accommodation,
  • Breakfast and Dinner

Not Included

  • Ticket or passes to museums, events, and lunch
  • Applicable extra baggage fees

Please contact Campus Engagement & Support Coordinator for more information.

The 2018-19 High School Academic Guide & Course Catalog

The 2018-19 High School Academic Guide & Course Catalog is available now, Please click on the link below:

Open Now! 2018-19 High School Academic Guide & Course Catalog


Founding members of Harmony Public Schools believe that excelling in math and science prepares youth to succeed in college, the workplace, and the 21st century. Harmony schools demonstrate that, with a high-quality program and the right social and emotional supports in place, all students, regardless of racial or economic background, can achieve outstanding results.
At Harmony, students are expected to master their subjects, and every Harmony student graduates college-ready. Our high school program is designed to provide each student with the essential elements of a college prep education, along with opportunities to engage in the exploration of intense study within particular fields of interest.




Rice University-Harmony Public Schools joint Summer STEM Research Program

We are so proud to announce Rice University-Harmony Public Schools joint Summer STEM Research Program. Students will refine and deepen their understanding of important STEM concepts by working on a research project of their own design under the direction of Harmony and Rice faculty and will receive personalized feedback of their research. Students will leave well prepared to present their research at national and international science fairs.

Click here for registration
Click here for program flyer
For more information, contact:

District Wellness Committee Meeting



Harmony Public Schools – Austin District recognizes that good nutrition and regular physical activity affect the health and well-being of our students, including their ability to learn. We are looking for parents, community members, students, local businesses in forming District Wellness Committee.

If you are a student, a parent, a community member, or a staff interested in school wellness and would like to be a part of the district’s Wellness Committee meeting, and or would like to participate in ongoing development, implementation, periodic review and update of our school wellness policy, you are very welcome to participate in our District Wellness Committee meeting, which will be held at 4:00 PM, Monday, May, 21st, 2018, at the HSA Pflugerville campus.

HSA Pflugerville | 1421 Wells Branch Pkwy, Suite 200, Pflugerville, TX 78660

Please contact Adam Okur, Child Nutrition Coordinator ( for further details.

HPS-Austin Wellness Committee Meeting PDF

Closed Campus to Visitors on STAAR Testing Dates

Our State Testing dates are fast-approaching. Parents play an important role.  Please ensure students are well rested night before, eat a breakfast morning of exam, and remind students to refrain from bringing their cellular and electronic devices into the testing room.

Also, as in previous years, please mark your calendars and be aware that we will be a closed campus to all visitors and volunteers, including during lunch for parents, due to the administration of state testing on the following dates:

Monday, May 7th  (U.S. History)

Tuesday, May 8th   (Biology and Biology Retest)

Wednesday, May 9th (Algebra 1 and Algebra Retest)

Thursday, May 10th  (Make-Up Exams)

Monday, May 14th (Grade 6 and Grade 7 Math) (Grade 8 Math Retest)

Tuesday, May 15th (Grade 6 and Grade 7 Reading) (Grade 8 Reading Retest)

Wednesday, May 16th (Grade 8 Science)

Thursday, May 17th (Grade 8 Social Studies)

Thanks you for your support,

Ms. Haraway, Testing Coordinator

Escuela cerrada a visitantes debido a exámenes de STAAR.

Se acercan nuestros días de exámenes estatales.  Por favor marque su calendario y este consciente que nuestra escuela estará cerrada para todo visitante y voluntario, incluyendo durante las horas de almuerzo, debido a los exámenes de STAAR en las siguientes fechas:

lunes, 7 de mayo (Historia de Estados Unidos)

martes, 8 de mayo (Biología y Álgebra I 8A y Biología Retest)

miércoles, 9 de mayo (Álgebra I y Álgebra Retest)

jueves, 10 de mayo (9-12 grado Make-Up exámenes )

lunes, 14 de mayo (6to. y 7to. grado Matemáticas y 8to. grado retest)

martes, 15 de mayo (6to. y 7to. grado Lectura y 8to. grado restest)

miércoles, 16 de mayo (8to. grado Ciencia (excepto Biología))

jueves, 17 de mayo (8to. grado Estudios sociales)

viernes, 18 de mayo (6-8 grado Make-up exámenes)

Gracias por su apoyo,

Ms. Haraway, Coordinador de exámenes

STAAR Administration in May

Dear Parent(s):

STAAR testing time has come. In May, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will take the STAAR tests. Students who need Algebra I, Biology and US History tests will take the STAAR EOC tests. We are confident that our students are ready. Students and teachers alike have been working rigorously since the beginning of the school year to master the skills needed to be successful on the STAAR tests.

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™) is a state mandated test that measures the statewide curriculum in reading at Grades 3-8; in writing at Grades 4 and 7; in mathematics at Grades 3-8; in science at Grades 5, 8; and social studies at Grades 8. Furthermore STAAR End of Course (EOC) tests are administered to students enrolled in the following high school classes: Algebra I, Biology, English 1 &  2, and U.S. history. All students enrolled in those courses are REQUIRED to participate in this testing.

Satisfactory performance on STAAR tests is a prerequisite to grade promotion in grades 3-8 and satisfactory performance on the STAAR EOC tests is prerequisite to a high school diploma. The tests that will be administered in May 2018 are on the following dates.

May tests:










US History

Biology, Algebra 1 for 8A, & Biology Retest

Algebra 1 and Algebra 1 Retest

Make-Up Tests





Grade 6



Grade 7



Grade 8

Mathematics Retest

Reading Retest

Science (except Biology)

Social Studies

Several things you can do to help ensure a successful testing experience is that your student arrives on time, fully rested and prepared to test. It is also important to make sure your child eats a good dinner the night before and a good breakfast the morning of testing. Similarly, encouraging your student to do his or her personal best can greatly improve self-confidence levels leading to better performance.

You will also find two documents regarding HSE procedures for cellular telephones/electronic devices and honor statements (High School test only). Please go over these two documents with your student to communicate their importance and why these measures are being implemented.

Thank you for all you do to help your student be as successful as possible, and for all of your contributions to Harmony School of Excellence-Austin.

I will be more than happy to assist if you have any questions.

Agil Sharifov, School Principal.

No Cell Phone Policy

Re: Administración de los exámenes de STAAR de Mayo.

Estimados padres de familia:

El tiempo para presentar los exámenes de STAAR ha llegado. Durante la semana de 7-18 de Mayo, los estudiantes de los grados 6to, 7mo y 8vo tomarán estos exámenes. Estudiantes que necesitan Algebra I, Biología y Historia de los Estados Unidos tomaran exámenes de STAAR EOC. Estamos seguros que todos nuestros estudiantes están listos. Los estudiantes, al igual que los maestros, han estado trabajando rigurosamente desde el principio del año escolar para dominar las habilidades necesarias para pasar exitosamente estos exámenes.

STAAR (The State Assessments of Academic Readiness por sus siglas en inglés) es un examen mandatorio. El examen de STAAR sirve para medir el plan de estudios en lectura para los grados del 3 al 8; en escritura a los grados de 4 y 7; en matemáticas a los grados del 3 al 8; en ciencias a los grados 5 y 8; y ciencias sociales en el grado 8. Además los exámenes de STAAR EOC serán administrados a los estudiantes que están inscritos en las siguientes clases de secundaria: Álgebra I, Biología, Inglés I, Inglés II e Historia de los Estados Unidos de América. Todos los estudiantes inscritos en esos cursos están obligatorios a participar en esta prueba.

Rendimiento Satisfactorio en el examen de STAAR es un requisito previo para avanzar al siguiente grado escolar del 3 al 8. Rendimiento Satisfactorio en el examen STAAR EOC es un requisito previo para obtener su diploma de la escuela secundaria.

Los exámenes que serán administrados de Mayo del 2018 son los siguientes:

Exámenes de Mayo:




7 de Mayo

8 de Mayo

9 de Mayo

10 de Mayo

Exámenes de EOC

Historia de Estados Unidos

Biología, Álgebra I 8A, Biología Repetir

Álgebra I & Álgebra I Repetir

Make-Up exámenes

14 de Mayo

15 de Mayo

16 de Mayo

17 de Mayo

6to. Grado



7to. Grado



8to. Grado

Matemáticas Retest

Lectura Retest

Ciencia (excepto Biología)

Estudios sociales

Varias cosas pueden hacer para ayudar a los estudiantes a tener una experiencia exitosa durante sus exámenes, como: llegar a tiempo, descansar lo suficiente y prepararse muy bien para el examen. Es muy importante que el estudiante tenga una cena nutritiva la noche anterior y un desayuno nutritivo la mañana del examen. Igualmente estimule al estudiante a hacer lo mejor posible para así ayudarle a subir su autoestima y así tendrá un mejor rendimiento durante el examen.

También encontrará dos documentos de las reglas de HSE sobre el uso de teléfonos celulares y aparatos electrónicos y sobre la declaración de honor (exámenes de la escuela secundaria solamente). Favor de revisar estos importantes documentos con el estudiante y explicarle la importancia de estos y por qué se deben de seguir estas reglas.

Muchas gracias por su ayuda para que los estudiantes sean exitosos y por todas sus contribuciones hacia Harmony School of Excellence-Austin.

Estaré a su disposición para cualquier pregunta que ustedes tengan.

Agil Sharifov, Director de la Escuela

Counselor Corner

College and Career Readiness: May Issue

Please click on the link below to see our newsletter.

Read Now!


Harmony Science and Engineering Fair

Josiah competed in H-SEF (Harmony Science and Engineering Fair) in Houston. This is the state science fair competition for all of Harmony schools located in Texas. Out of the 500 submitted projects, only 78 were selected to compete and Josiah (7th) won 3rd place!!!

Congratulations to Josiah, his teachers and parents!


Muffins with Mom, May 3rd

Dear parent(s) or guardian(s),

Join us on Thursday, May 3rd at 8:45 am for muffins with mom and learn about school programs and culture.

Estimados padre (s) o tutor (es):

Únase a nosotros el jueves, 3 de mayo a las 8:45 am para muffins con mamá y aprenda sobre programas escolares y cultura.muffins con mama a las 8:45 am.

Free dress day pass for students who RSVP and parents attend the event.


Donuts with Dad, April 26th

Dear parent(s) or guardian(s),

Join us on Thursday, April 26th at 8:45 am for donuts with dad and learn about school programs and culture.

Estimados padre (s) o tutor (es):

Únase a nosotros el jueves, 26 de abril a las 8:45 am para donuts con papá y aprenda sobre programas escolares y cultura.

Free dress day pass for students who RSVP and parents attend the event.



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