Dear Harmony School of Excellence-Austin  Parents and Community,

Greetings! I am Agil Sharifov,  your Principal at Harmony School of Excellence-Austin.  On behalf of the staff at Harmony School of Excellence-Austin, I am happy to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year! I have been a part of Harmony Public Schools for 10 years.   I served as a teacher and principal at Harmony Schools in DFW area before taking the principal role at Harmony School of Excellence-Austin in 2016. I am also a proud Harmony parent as my two children attend Harmony Austin schools.


I am looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential. We recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support from both the home and school.   We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education.    As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities. We ask that you guide and support your child’s learning by ensuring that he/she:


1) Attends school daily and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience

2) Completes all homework assignments given by teachers

3) Reads daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills

4) Shares school experiences with you so that you are aware of his/her school life

It is my goal for this year to improve the relationships between the staff and parents which will include better communication amongst us.  I believe that collaboration fosters ownership of a rich school culture. Supporting our kids to do well at school, and in their lives, is the center of our work.  I am honored to have the opportunity to serve this community and I work hard to gain your trust and respect as your principal.

I hope to have a wonderful school year for the 2018-2019 and I look forward to working with all of you!  Below is contact information for myself and my administration team.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.


Agil Sharifov M.Ed.

The principal of Harmony School of Excellence-Austin

512-693-0000 (105)


Assistant Principals – High School (9th-12th grades)


AP of Academics – Mustafa Tunc



Dean of Students – Christel Sullivan

Assistant Principals – Middle School (6th -8th grades)


AP of Academics – Ashley Gorman


Dean of Students – Ruben Ortiz Mutt